Teaching and Learning Support Staff

Teaching and Learning Support Staff  
Learning Support Assistants  
Year Six Mrs F. Bampton (H.L.T.A)
  Mrs V. Chaloner
  Mrs K. Kelly
Year Five Mrs J. Pledge
  Mrs H. Pledger
  Miss R Simpson
Year Four Mrs M. Bewsey
  Mrs C. Tuckwell
  Mrs L. Best
Year Three Mrs F. Ferhat
 Mrs M. Pines
Year Two Mrs J. Maguire
  Mrs L. Cloherty
Year One Mrs C. Muller (Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
  Mrs S. Wright (Monday and Wednesday)
  Mrs A. Singleton
Reception Mrs C. Laroche
Nursery Mrs J. Wallace
  Mrs Z. Abbas  
Nursery Nurses                        
Year One Mrs M. Fitzpatrick
Reception  Mrs L. Chamberlain                     
                              Mrs L. Wallington
Nursery Mrs W. Slade  


Learning Mentors  
Mrs A. Cripps  
Mrs S. Wright