Mission Statement and Christian Principles

We feel the following extract from the Bible is really important in our daily lives at Cowley St Laurence CE Primary School

(Interpretation of 2 Corinthians 4:6)

God created light.

He made the stars, the sun and the moon.

He made our world and all that is in it.

In our hearts he whispers his love for us.

He sent Jesus Christ to guide us,

So that we could understand his love.

Now the light of God’s love shines in the Gospels.  Amen

At the school we believe:

  • Successful lives are developed on loving relationships with people and with God.
  • The world is a story told by God and each child has a place in the story.
  • Each child is loved by God for who they are.
  • Each child has a unique bond with God that develops throughout their life.
  • God has a special purpose for the life of every child.

 We work to make the school a place where:

  • Christian love values are a part of daily life.
  • People have the chance to explore their unique bond with God.
  • Children can learn about the Christian faith and decide whether it is for them.
  • The emotional, physical and social health of every child is nurtured.

The school wants all children to learn:

  • Belief in themselves and their creativity
  • Respect for all and for their cultural, social and religious differences
  • Love for the planet and every living thing
  • Respect for themselves

To find our true place in the world we must first discover our true place with God.