Structure of Governance

The Board of Directors for the Frays Academy Trust has the overall responsibility for Governance across all of the schools in the Trust. information about or Board of Directors and Governance structure can be found here:  

The Board have made the decision to appoint 'Local' Governing Bodies to be responsible for overseeing the day to day management of the schools and the strategic development.  St Matthew's C.E. Primary School and Cowley St Laurence Primary School were federated prior to the formation of the Multi-Academy Trust and the Board of Directors have kept this governance structure within the Multi-Academy Trust.

Governing Body Membership 2022/2023

Federated Governing Body of Cowley St Laurence CE Primary and St Matthew's CE Primary Schools:

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of: 

­- Four Foundation members for each school, appointed by the Directors of the Trust; 

­- The Parish Priest of St Matthew’s Church (or other clergy as appointed by the Bishop of Willesden); 

- One Parent Governor for each school; 

­- One Staff Governor for each school; 

- The Headteacher at each school; 

-­ The minimum number of Governors is six and the maximum is twenty one. 


Chair of Governors: Michael Heyes

Grace Afari-Mensah, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022 

Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, Governor, appointed 24/09/2018 

Revd Ann Clarridge, Governor, appointed 16/07/2018 

Saad Rahman, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022 

David Davies, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, Cowley St Laurence), appointed 16/04/2018 

Melissa Filice, elected staff Governor (Cowley St Laurence), 01/02/2023 
Megan Greenwood, elected staff Governor (St Matthew’s), 13/12/2022 

Michael Heyes, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022 

Cllr Naser Issa, Governor, appointed 12/10/2021 

Lisa Maher, Governor (ex-officio – Headteacher, St Matthew’s), appointed 18/06/2019 

Helen Pye-Beraet, Governor, appointed 10/07/2019 

Laura Simpson, elected parent Governor, 27/11/2017 

Revd Richard Young, Governor (ex officio – Parish Priest of St Matthew's Church), re-appointed 01/02/2016 


Resigned in the last 12 months: 

David Nanton, Governor, appointed 01/09/2020 (resigned 22/11/2022) 

Cllr Janet Duncan, Governor, appointed 13/05/2019 (resigned 31/08/2022) 

Revd June Hughman, Governor, appointed 20/10/2020 (resigned 11/01/2022)