At Cowley St Laurence we believe that reading is the gateway to learning. We know that children need to be able to read well in order to fully access the wider curriculum, and to be able to experience life in all its fullness. 

Reading is taught from Nursery to Year 6 in many different ways. From Nursery to Year 2, children are taught Phonics through the Read, Write Inc. strategy. This enables children to be confident, fluent readers by the time they leave Year 2. In KS2 reading is taught through the weekly READ lesson. Every class also has the opportunity to read a class text, and listen to their teacher read stories.

Reading is also embedded across the curriculum and children have opportunities to read throughout each day. Story time across the school helps children to develop a love of reading, and celebrate their favourite stories, poems and nursery rhymes together.

We are fortunate to have several volunteers who regularly come in to read with children across the school on a one to one basis, which supports children's fluency and also their love of reading. Each class has an exciting reading corner, which is designed to encourage children to read often and access a range of texts. We publicise reading at Cowley St Laurence by celebrating World Book Day, inviting authors into the school to inspire children.

Children are encouraged to read at home as often as possible, either independently or with an adult. Home reading books and reading records are provided, and in KS1 and Early Years children are given fully decodable books which contain the sounds they have already learned, as well as an exciting story that will develop their love of reading. At Cowley St Laurence we use the Big Cat reading scheme, as we believe that its broad and rich collection of books will enable children to develop their skills across many genres and topics, as well as maintaining a love of reading. 

We think that it is important to support parents with home reading. Each week, we encourage parents to read with their children, at least four times a week, celebrating and rewarding children who do. We also provide questions that parents can use to support children's comprehension at home.

Read, Write, Inc: An Overview

Read Write Inc: How to say the sounds


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