Governor Declarations of Interest

Register of Interests 

Information below details relevant business and pecuniary interests, trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities, personal relationships with the trust employees or other members/trustees/governors. 


Current Governors 

Name, Date declared, Declarations 
Revd Ann Clarridge, 20/10/2022, None 
Megan Greenwood, 09/09/2022, None 
Michael Heyes, 14/09/2022, None 
Cllr Naser Issa, 28/09/2022, None 
Helen Pye-Beraet, 23/09/2022, None 
Laura Simpson, 14/09/2022, None 
Revd Richard Young, 29/09/2022, Vicar, St Matthew’s Church, Yiewsley (Church/registered charity) (2007 onwards); Veritas Educational Trust (Academy Trust), Member (June 2021 onwards) 

Mellissa Filice, 26/02/2023, Staff Cowley St Laurence, None 

Ana Victoria Mendoza (known as Vicky Mendoza), 01/06/2023, None 

Karen Hall, 06/07/2023, None 

Vipran Srivastava, 02/07/2023, member of St Matthew’s Church 


Resigned in the last 12 months: 
Name (resignation date), date declared, declarations 
Cllr Shehryar Ahmad-Wallana, (24/09/2022), 9/3/2023, Elected Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon (May 2014 onwards) 

Grace Afari Mensah (28/02/2023), 29/09/2022, None 
Saad Rahman (28/02/2023), 10/03/2022, Director, Bsynergetic 
David Nanton (22/11/2022), 16/09/2022, None 
David Davies, (31/05/2023), 27/02/2023, None 

Lisa Maher, (31/05/2023), 26/02/2023, None