School Improvement - Priorities and Performance

How we are improving our school this year, 2018 2019?


Ensuring children make better progress:

  • To improve the number of pupils reaching age related expectations in Key Stage One

  • To improve the outcomes of Writing, particularly boys

  • To improve the outcomes for disadvantaged pupils 


Improving Teaching and Learning

  • To continue to improve teaching and learning across the school so that it is never less that good and a high proportion is outstanding

  • To improve the quality of teaching of RE

  • To improve the teaching of spelling


Improving Leadership and Management

  • To improve the skills of Middle Leaders


Improving Behaviour and Safety

  • To improve the attendance of EYFS and Pupil Premium pupils


Improving our distinctiveness as a Church School

  • To continue to improve the distinctiveness of Cowley St Laurence as a Church School




  • To promote equality and diversity across the school and wider community


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Key Stage 2 Results Statement 2017 17th Sep 2018191 KB Download
Key Stage 2 Results Statement 2018 17th Dec 2018206 KB Download
School Improvement Priorities 2016 - 201... 05th Feb 2017207 KB Download
School Improvement Priorities 2017-2018 17th Dec 2018492 KB Download