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Parent Teacher Association

Who are the PTA?

We are a small group of parents supported by the staff, governors and head of school of Cowley St. Laurence and we are always looking for new ideas.

As a parent, you will automatically become a member of the PTA, but it is up to you how involved you are. Most parents find that becoming involved provides a closer link between home and school.

Our main aim is to raise funds for equipment and services for the school, to improve and enhance the resources we already have and to organise fun events for the children.

We have raised funds for many things including this year fully funding a trip for Yrs 4,5 & 6 to see a Pantomime at the Beck theatre as well as arranging for Yrs R, 1, 2 & 3 to have a Pantomime performance in school.

We organise the Summer and Christmas fairs and many activities for the children themselves such as our sponsored events and Tea Time Craft Clubs.  We also run a Healthy Tuck Shop twice a week for the Key Stage 2 children, which is very popular.

Some parents are fully involved with organising and attending meetings and some can spare an hour or two now and again. However, every one who helps plays an important part in helping us improve and support our school.

If you would like to know more and/or would like to be involved, please contact the school and we will give you more details.