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Local Governance - Cowley St Laurence CE Primary and St Matthews CE Primary Schools

In accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, the Federated Governing Body (FGB) consists of: 

  • five foundation governors appointed by the Board of Directors;
  • one staff governor for each school; 
  • ­one parent governor for each school; 
  • both parish priests (ex-Officio);
  • any additional governors appointed by the Board of Directors.

The number of people who shall sit on the Local Governing Body shall be not less than six and not more than 11.

Governors serve a 4-year term of office. 

Headteachers attend all meetings. 


Chair of Governors: Michael Heyes 

  • Megan Greenwood, elected staff Governor (St Matthew’s), 13/12/2022 
  • Michael Heyes, Governor, appointed 22/03/2022 
  • Cllr Naser Issa, Governor, appointed 12/10/2021 
  • Helen Pye-Beraet, Governor, re-appointed 11/07/2023 
  • Mellisa Filice, elected staff Governor (Cowley St Laurence), 28/03/2023 
  • Revd Ana Victoria Mendoza (known as Vicky Mendoza), Governor (ex officio – Parish Priest of St Laurence Church) appointed 20/06/2023 
  • Karen Hall, Governor, appointed 11/07/2023 
  • Vipran Srivastava, Governor, appointed 11/07/2023 

In attendance: David Davies, Headteacher (Cowley St Laurence)

Resigned in the last 12 months: 

  • Laura Simpson, re-elected parent Governor, 18/01/2022, resigned 06/03/2024
  • Revd Richard Young, Governor (ex officio – Parish Priest of St Matthew's Church), re-appointed 01/02/2020, resigned 07/05/2024
  • Revd Ann Clarridge, Governor, re-appointed 16/07/2022, resigned 07/05/2024

Register of Interests 

Information below details relevant business and pecuniary interests, trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities, personal relationships with the trust employees or other members/trustees/governors. 

Current Governors 

Name, date declared, declarations 

  • Megan Greenwood, 07/11/2023, None 
  • Michael Heyes, 26/09/2023, None 
  • Cllr Naser Issa, 14/12/2023, None 
  • Helen Pye-Beraet, 11/10/2023, None 
  • Mellisa Filice, 19/09/2023, Staff Cowley St Laurence, None 
  • Revd Ana Victoria Mendoza (known as Vicky Mendoza), 07/11/2023, None 
  • Karen Hall, 19/09/2023, None 
  • Vipran Srivastava, 21/09/2023, None 

Resigned in the last 12 months: 
Name (resignation date), date declared, declarations 

  • Laura Simpson, (resigned 06/03/2024), 17/01/2024, None
  • Revd Richard Young, (resigned 07/05/2024), 11/10/2023, Vicar/Chair of PCC, St Matthew’s Church, Yiewsley (Church/registered charity) (2007 onwards); Veritas Educational Trust (Multi-Academy School Trust), Member (July 2021 onwards) 
  • Revd Ann Clarridge, (resigned 07/05/2024), 08/11/2023, None 

Meeting attendance - academic year 2022-23